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 Here are the Tradeline Lists ...

Entry Packages

Price Range

$195 - $495

Discover 2k 2 months old $195
Citibank  1k 2yrs post on 16th $340
Lowes Synch $500 post on 22nd $340
Dicks Synch 10k 3yrs post on 4th $460
JcPenny Synch 4.8k post on 5th 3yrs $395
Barclays 3.1k 9yrs post on 25th $495
Barclays 4.5k 2yrs post on 11th $395
Capitol One MC 5.2k 6yrs post on 8th $450
Barclays 10k 2yrs post on 11th $450
Paypal 5k 2yrs post on 15th $395
TD Bank 15k 1.5yr post on 15th $495
Jcpenny Synch 3.5k 3yrs post on 25th $370
Jcpenny Synch 3.5k 3yrs post on 25th $370
Bank of America Visa 12k 2yrs post on 28th $490
Best Buy Citi 6.6k 6yrs post on 7th $495
American Eagle Synch 4.6k post on 22nd $350
Citibank 7k 2yrs post on 19th $490
JC Penny Synch 5k 6yrs post on 26th $495
Sears Citi 4k 6yrs post on 26th $495
Citibank 3.3k 1yr 10mo post on 14th $395

Best Buy City 6k 1yr 4mo post on 16th $420

Bank of America 5k 2yr post on 4th $410
Barclays 5k 2yr post on 22nd $460
Citibank MC 10k 5yr post on 25th

Started Packages

Price Ranges

$500 - $695

Sears Citi MC 10K 3yrs post 16th $590
Wells Fargo 11k 6yrs post on 16th $510
Wells Fargo 5.5k 15yrs post on 22nd $560
Discover 35k 1.2yr post on 10th $695
Citibank 13k 5yrs post on 22nd $580
Barclays 10k 2yrs post on 28th $510

Bank of America Visa 13k 2yrs post on

15th $560

Barclays Visa 10k 5yrs post on 16th $560
Discover 5k 12yrs post on 19th $540
Jcpenny Synch 3k 18yrs post on 21st $590
Citibank 13k 8yrs post on 12th $670
Discover 6.5k 5yrs post on 24th $540
Discover 6.5k 5yrs post on 24th $540
Sears Citi MC 10k 14yrs post on 24th $640
Lowes Synch 9.5k 6yrs post on 16th $540
Barclays 10k 7yrs post on 24th $590
PNC Visa 21k 11yrs post on 27th $680
Home Depot Citi 10k 10yr post on 4th $650
Barclays 16.5k 4yrs post on 2nd $620
Sears Citi MC 9.3k 7yrs post on 5th $690
Sears Citi MC 10k 10yrs post on 28th $640
Barclays MC 15k 2yrs post on 19th $610
Barclays 17.5k 4yrs post on 21st $670
Levin Synch 20k 4yrs post on 26th $695
Barclays 17k 2yrs posts on 17th $560
Barclays 10k 8yr post on 25th $560
Wells Fargo 11.5k 11yr post on 15th $640

Business Packages

Price Ranges

$700 - $995

Synchrony 55k 15yr post in 12th $785
Saphire Chase 45k 7yr post on 7th $785

Barclays 40k  4yrs post on 8th $890
Citibank 17.8k 13yrs post on 28th $790
Discover 18k 9 9yrs post on 24th $710
Barclays 18k 10yrs post on post on 24th $780
Barclays 40k 4yrs post on 8th $890
Bank of America 250k $1800 – inquire

Tradeline Special Pricing this Month

Price Ranges

$300- $995

barclays 8k 2016 statement date 4th $325

chase 20k 4mos 14th $300

Discover 10.5k 2016 13th $275

chase 6k 2013 13th $350

Capitol 1 7k 2014 18th $325

Discover 6.5k 2013 3rd $350

Citibank 5.7k 2015 19th $350

TD Bank 15k 2015 28th $350

Barclays 11k 2013 4th $375

Bank of Amer 12.9 2013 20th $375

Synchrony 55k 15yr 12th $ $785

Saphire Chase 45k 7ys 7th $785

Saphire Chase 45k 7ys 7th $785

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